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Welcome to Northboro Computers® LLC

We are rapidly becoming Northborough's MOST trusted computer repair center providing Sales and Service with honesty and integrity.

We have been providing the most dependable and speedy computer repair services for over two decades throughout central Massachusetts.Our expert technicians provide service when you need it most. We are always ready to serve you.






Top Notch Computer Repair Service

We really are your computer guy!

Many computer shops in this day and age look for the large client and as a result loose sight of the vast SOHO (small office / home office) market place. We are here for all the working class people that work from home, use the pc in a small business and need help "NOW!" We understand what its like to run a business and have a computer go down and are here to help when you need it, we offer onsite and in shop service, most repairs can be done over night to minimize down time too without a premium charge.

Computer Repair Services

We repair and upgrade desktop PC's, Laptop PC's and wireless networks


  • Desktop PC Repairs
  • Laptop PC Repairs
  • Wireless Networking
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Virus removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Data recovery
  • System upgrades
  • Hardware Sales
  • Computer Repair

Areas Serviced

Serving Central Massachusetts Including:

  • Northborough, Ma
  • Marlborough, Ma
  • Westborough, Ma
  • Southborough, Ma
  • Hudson, Ma
  • Berlin, Ma
  • Shrewsbury, Ma
  • West Boylston, Ma
  • Upton, Ma
  • Hopkinton, Ma

Computer Repair Service area's

We remove viruses from your computerWe receive many requests for onsite PC repair service and PC virus removal throughout central Massachusetts, some times customers are a bit confused when we try and caution them on using onsite PC repair. Why?

When an onsite PC repair or virus removal service is used, you are billed from a door to door charge ( the time they walk in your door to the time they walk out) if its a virus removal call, this means you are paying a computer technician a hefty fee while they sit and watch a virus scan take place, in most cases this can be over an hour. Then the computer technician removes the virus, ensure the system is protected, updated, vents clean, software updates, now they are done, you receive a rather large bill.

We can provide the same computer repair service and virus removal in shop for 1/2 to 1/3 that price.

Now when its a true emergency and it requires onsite service, we will stop what were doing and get there ASAP to help, but unlike other places, we don't just let a clock run, we are aware of time and budgets and perform our tasks quickly and efficiently Northborough Computer is a Veteran Owned Small Businessto minimize the billing time, in some cases we pick up a defective system and return to our shop and repair it there at a much lower rate and then return the unit the following day and place it back in service.

For our contract clients pickup and delivery of systems is performed at no charge in most cases.


All Systems are setup and ready to use, no waiting 2 or more hours to use, were happy to support you and answer your questions on any products you buy from us, for the life of the product as well all new products carry the manufactures warranty of 1 year or more*

YES we build gaming systems! Are you looking for a system for your self or a child? We build custom gaming rigs that not only perform great but look awesome, el-wire, ccfl lights, SSD drives and more. We can build to your budget, a system set for "gamming" and performing good tend to start in the $699 range and can go as high as $4900.00.

Stop in and ask your questions and we'll cover the details and get you the most performace for your budget.


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Antivirus is provided by Kaspersky EULA and provisions



Is your PC running slow?

We restore computer data and files with data recoveryAs pc's get more complex and used more and more in all kinds of environments sometimes a little TLC is needed, dust, pet hair can clog the cooling vents and fans inside your pc.

Many of today's pcs have built in protection so when they get to hot, they will lower the power to the CPU to try and cool down.

What does that mean?

It means if your pc is clogged chances are you are running hot and your pc is running slower to try and keep cool.

New buzz words pop up ever day, things like virus, Trojan, root kits, spyware, malware, hijackers and the list goes on.

The average user has no place to go and get help or advice.

We are that place, give us a call or stop in.

WE HELP! We not only answer your questions, we explain what things are and do, so you have a better understanding. We feel that spending a few moments with a client to educate them about threats is priceless.

We want you our customer to understand what happened, how we helped and how to make sure your protected to minimize it from happening again.

We are here to help and we stand strongly on that!

Learn more about the computer repair services we offer.





All notebooks are setup and ready to use, no waiting 2 or more hours to use, we're happy to support you and answer all your questions on any products you buy from us, for the life of the product as well all new products carry the manufactures warranty of 1 year or more*


 HP ProBook New models in stock!!

We stock many notebooks and desktops, here are some of our best sellers.

HP ProBook's in stock!

HP ProBook's in stock ! why settle for less?


We stock Ram, Hard Drives, Notebook coolers and More !

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